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Duty Calls

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Duty Calls

Some volunteer friends here at Sesquicentennial State Park have gone away for the week for work related business. We have offered to watch their dog Cocoa in their absence. She's a very sweet, lovable boxer; and she gets along with our dog Traveler quite nicely. All was going well until 5am this morning.

I'll have to back up a little here to explain the sleeping arrangement. Cocoa has quite the fondness for my wife, Amanda. So to avoid the discomfort of having two dogs in the bed with us, Amanda has opted to turn the event into s slumber party with Cocoa and our daughter, Savannah at the front of the RV. Savannah is of course thrilled at the idea. We're on day three, and thus far all has been well.

So, 5am this morning, me and our dog, Traveler are in our bed. The bedroom door was shut. Traveler's rear was right next to my face when I awoke to the nastiest smell. I thought she had passed gas in my face. The smell got worse to the point that I had to get up and open the door for air. Then it hit me... It assaulted my sinus cavity with the force of 100 atomic bombs. I was sure there was poop somewhere, but my first find was the large puddle of pee under my feet. I turned on the lights and began the hunt. Amanda woke up and looked at me like I was crazy, "What are you doing!?" I replied, "I smell p..." "Oh god smell it!", she exclaimed. We search high and low, but with the pull out bed open, our search was limited. I took them both out this morning, and Cocoa squatted about 5 times. I heard Amanda inside, "OHH!" So I knew a discovery had been made... In her shoe, Savannah's shoe and on 2 dog toys, across the carpet, and down the steps.

...duty calls.